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Medical center MediciPlus It offers physicians and medical institutions co-operation in the field of medical tourism. The aim of cooperation is to attract potential patients interested in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in Germany.

Verified by us in practice, honesty, quality, professionalism and reputation of the doctors, a high level of diagnostic equipment allows a balanced approach to the organization of optimal patient treatment process, eliminating the imposition of unnecessary procedures towards increasing the cost of treatment.

Today, for some suggestions on medical cooperation are conditions that force doctors to some extent compromise professional ethics and take decisions that are at odds with healthy moral principles.

Medical center MediciPlus did not accept this approach and offers its partners a truly favorable conditions for cooperation, adopted in the civilized world. The policy of our work with doctors all specialties is completely transparent and is extremely positive direction.

Medical examination, treatment and rehabilitation in Germany - A basic and priority directions of the center MediciPlus. Like every successful international organization, we are very profitable creation of an extensive partner network, which would be able to obtain as much as possible to promote the quality of medical services in hospitals and medical centers in Germany.

Of course, the doctor who recommended treatment by outside experts, there are legitimate questions about how trustworthy in professional hands and get his patients.

It is in order that you in no way questioned the professionalism and reliability of our medical center is always ready to assist MediciPlus in your study tour to Germany to a personal acquaintance with foreign colleagues who are directly involved in the treatment, diagnosis or rehabilitation of patients.

All our partners have direct access to advanced technologies and methods of clinical medicine, can expect to receive additional experience and increase their professional qualifications.

Some of the advantages of cooperation with us:

  • Medical center MediciPlus practice of using a fully transparent pricing schemes. The cost of treatment in Germany (as well as diagnostics and rehabilitation) and the patient is known to you in advance.
  • You have full access to all correspondence with the patient, because we had nothing to hide from you
  • The ability to receive correspondence consultations and second opinions from specialists in various fields of medicine
  • Purchasing medical equipment and meets the requirements of European quality standards

Finally, the main point of concern to the majority of doctors who make decisions about the partnership with MediciPlus, - the benefits of treatment, diagnostics and rehabilitation in Germany for the patients themselves. And here we have tried to consider everything to ensure that patients have appreciated the value of the recommendations of their doctors:

  • The best clinics in Germany, Dusseldorf and other cities known for their first-class conditions for comprehensive care
  • Individual approach to each patient
  • Pay only for what is really needed to achieve a positive result. No questionable spending on secondary and optional procedure.
  • The report on the whole process works.
  • A friendly and really positive process of dialogue and assistance
  • Let us solve all medical and organizational issues before, during and after treatment.
  • Complete preparation, organization, carrying out diagnosis and treatment in Germany.
  • The treatment of severe diseases with the latest methods of treatment
  • Rehabilitation services and prevention of post-treatment
  • The service "family physician" in German
  • If necessary, assistance in purchasing drugs from Germany
  • Sanitary emergency aircraft anywhere in the world with medical personnel and equipment on board


The partnership with the medical center MediciPlus - It is always advantageous to work with serious prospects. We guarantee that your every patient will receive quality medical care in the best clinics in Germany!

Please contact us anytime, we will find the opportunity to negotiate and establish the most favorable conditions for common work.


Family doctor

medical examination in Germany

Your "family doctor" - a physician in Germany! Entrust your health German specialist, who will be a long-term follow its development!

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treatment in Germany without intermediaries

Emergency medical aircraft 24 hours a day - in any corner of the world. Plane with the medical team and the right equipment for you fly in an hour!

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the cost of treatment in Germany

Medical preparations European manufacturers for home delivery for Europe and CIS countries. Quality drugs at low prices.

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Second opinion

treatment in Dusseldorf Germany

Checkhow accurate the diagnosis,delivered to you by physicians outside of Germany. Get correspondence recommendation from experienced professionals!

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